“New and important fundraising initiative” – the Norwegian ME Association informs about our crowdfunding campaign

NorwayFlagThe Norwegian ME Association has published an article about our crowdfunding campaign on their website.  The article features a photo of the association’s  Eva Stormorken with Dr. Ian Lipkin. Dr. Lipkin is already known in Norway: he has been involved in a study of birth cohort of 100,000 children in relation to development of autism, in co-operation with Oslo University.

Here are some exceprts from the Norwegian article:

As we know, it has always been difficult to fund research into ME and Dr. Lipkin himself has on this occasion failed to obtain public funding to research the gut microbiome. He therefore asked the public for help in financing [this research].


The challenge is to raise as much as possible quickly. Researchers are ready to start the study, complete it and report the results in 12 months. The faster the funding comes, the faster the scientists can start their work!  The [campaign] initiators believe the goal is ambitious but it is possible to reach it.

You can read the article in Norwegian here or the Google-translated version in English here.  Thank you to the Norwegian ME Association for spreading the word about our campaign!


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News of our crowdfunding campaign reaches the Czech Republic

CZFlagWe aim for this crowdfunding campaign to be truly global – as ME/CFS is an illness that can affect anyone anywhere in the world. The Czech website for ME/CFS patients (www.me-cfs.cz) published an article about our campaign which includes the video appeal by Dr. Ian Lipkin, subtitled in Czech by volunteers and a detailed step-by-step guide how to donate, also translated by volunteers. You can read the full article by clicking here – you can use e.g. Google Translate if your browser does not translate the article automatically.

Here is an excerpt:

Everyone can decide individually how much they would like to donate, but if for example ‘only’ 10,000 patients (out of the estimated 40,000 ME/CFS patients in our country) donated 10 dollars, gifts from the Czech Republic alone would raise an incredible one hundred thousand dollars!

Yes, patients around the world, together with their friends, families and their supporters can donate 1.27 million dollars and they can do it very fast. This is our chance for top notch research to start as soon as possible.


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David Tuller features the Lipkin Crowdfunding appeal again

Crowdfunding for ME/CFS Research | Berkeley Wellness

One top researcher, Ian Lipkin, M.D., director of Columbia University’s Center for Infection and Immunity in New York City, has even taken the highly unusual step (for an academic researcher) of resorting to crowdfunding in an attempt to raise more than $1 million in donations for his research into infectious triggers of ME/CFS. While NIH recently granted Dr. Lipkin more than $30 million for translational research, it has refused his request for more funding for his ME/CFS efforts.

Thanks to David Tuller for continuing to highlight the problems getting funding for ME/CFS research, and what patients can do to help.

Read the full article

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$10,000 gift from generous donor boosts appeal

Very exciting news that a single donor has just given an amazing $10,000 to the campaign!

The donor heard Dr. Lipkin’s talk at the Stanford conference and has a family member with ME/CFS. We’re extremely grateful to that donor – and it just shows that when a campaign gets rolling, big donations start to come in.

We are now up to $35,053 from 269 donors.

Thanks to everyone who has donated, no matter what the size of the donation. Keep it coming!

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ProHealth features Microbe Discovery Project crowdfunding appeal

Thanks to ProHealth for featuring our campaign today:

Microbe Discovery Project Launches Crowdfunding for ME/CFS Microbiome Study

“I think that the microbiome is going to be where the action is [in ME/CFS] …  I am really eager to pursue that work.” ~Dr. W. Ian Lipkin


read the full article

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New paper shows how the gut microbiome can help maintain the peace with the immune system

We have trillions of bugs in our guts, many of them good for us – or at least not harmful – and we can’t afford to wage war against them all. A new study in the prestigious journal Science shows how, in mice, signals from some microbes in the microbiome lead to specialist immune cells called Tregs (T regulatory cells) damping down the immune response.

It may be that the inflammation seen in ME/CFS patients in Dr Lipkin’s earlier study is being triggered by problems in the microbiome, either as a reaction against ‘bad’ microbes, or because the normal gut regulation of the immune system isn’t working properly.

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1-2 September, 2014: Dr. Lipkin will be a keynote speaker at the conference of the UK ME/CFS Research Collaborative, which will be held in Bristol.