It’s ME Awareness day – & Dr Ian Lipkin speaks out

Today, as you probably know, is International ME Awareness Day. By a happy coincidence*, Dr W Ian Lipkin has given a barnstorming interview to Mindy Keitei at CFS Central: Candid Conversation with Dr. Ian Lipkin

Mindy Kitei: Where can people donate to your research?

Dr. Ian Lipkin: Donate to our research. We’re all in the same boat. We’re trying to find solutions to an important problem, so I want to be very clear to your readers that it is their project. It was organically developed in response to their needs, and their wishes, and we’re eager to serve.

In a wide-ranging and frank conversation, Ian Lipkin also covers

  • why we need to take a broad, unbiased approach to finding a solution
  • how he’s frustrated by those – including reviewers who rejected his funding proposals – who state this is a pyschosomatic illness
  • why he thinks patients need to focus their energies on their representatives in Congress to get more funding from the NIH

Please consider marking ME Awareness Day with a gift to Dr Lipkin’s Microbiome appeal. As he said, it is ‘our’ project, and can only go ahead if patients back it.

*Actually, the interview went up on Sunday, but I think that’s close enough to count.

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