Journalist David Tuller reports from US ME/CFS conferences

With Significant Advances But Little Money, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Tries Crowdfunding

New findings are encouraging in the fight against chronic fatigue syndrome. But the government still provides funding so minimal, one researcher is turning to crowdfunding.

[Dr Lipkin] has recently launched a video crowdfunding campaign to raise an additional $1 million or more. In the unusual public appeal, which he posted on the site of his Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia, he noted that “we are off to an excellent start but the resources are insufficient to do what needs to be done, to do what the community deserves.”

[Campaign video embedded in article!]

Dr. Lipkin said he decided to turn to the public for help because he felt committed to finding answers. “I haven’t tried this before, and I don’t know of anybody else who has either,” Lipkin said in a phone interview after the conference. “But there has to be some way to get this done. There is no NIH funding to support this at present.”

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